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Consorcio Minero Horizonte is a private company that performs Peruvian capital for exploration, exploitation, extraction and development of gold mineral resources and energy in Peru.
Currently, CMH is the second largest underground gold mining in the country and fifth in all of Peru, producing 190 000 ounces of fine gold.
Since our inception in mine, for over thirty years, we decided to operate under high standards of technology, safety and environmental care, looking not only more and better efficiency in the field, but by respecting and valuing the ancestral tradition of Peru as a mining country, and miners, par excellence.
Today, we have consolidated our position in local and international industry to cover all mining-related operations to include not only modern mining activities, but adding to them the exploration, prospecting and research. Furthermore, our growth plan we are venturing into power generation.
Our areas of operation include large areas of Peru, bringing to them a well-performing industrial, business and social, conscious of the fundamental respect for nature and people.
At CMH we work closely with Peru.